This website was developed to help student-athletes of all sports become better prepared. The mission is to be the number one resource for Section V athletes.

Regardless if you are a freshman just starting to play high school sports, a senior looking for financial advice for your upcoming college semester, or anything in-between, this website was developed to help you for FREE.
Serving as a central location for athletic facts and tips, this website:

  • Provides a directory to help student-athletes locate services to aid their performance.
  • Gives tips and time lines on approaching the entire recruiting process, from talking to coaches to signing a letter of intent.
  • Explains the difference in associations and their eligibility rules.
  • Provides advice on SAT/ACT tests and the importance of grades.
  • Answer’s questions regarding grants, loans, scholarships, and awards.
  • Describes Federal Work Study and NYS TAP.

The site concentrates on the process of recruiting because it can be complicated. There are rules that closely govern factors such as: when official visits can occur and how often, which personnel can recruit off-campus, as well as when and how coaches may communicate with potential recruits. But, the whole process actually begins before any contact with a coach is made.
As soon as high school starts your grades and athletic performance will begin to develop what will come after graduation. The process can be a lot to take in, and knowing where to begin can be difficult. But now there’s a easy, simple, solution for FREE.
The multitude of information located on this site will guide you and elevate your athletic performance. Being a prospective student-athlete can be an overwhelming experience but, at the same time, an exciting one. Enjoy the process, because it only happens once.